Root Canal Therapy

    • Root canal therapy is the removal of diseased tissue (infected pulp) from inside the tooth and subsequently cleaning, filling and sealing the root canal spaces in order to minimize the chances of future infection. The goal of root canal treatment is to save the tooth and allow it to retain in mouth in healthy state, function and comfort. Root canal treatment is the safest way to save a decaying tooth. It is also called Endodontic treatment, defined in dentistry as ‘diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of soft tissues inside the tooth.’ These soft tissues are referred as dental pulp and occupy the root canal space.
      Fundamentals of Root Canal Therapy

      • Due to decay, cracks or repeated dental procedures nerves of tooth get damaged and pulp inside the root canal gets inflamed, infected and causes pain.
      • There are two ways to get relief from pain-root canal therapy or tooth removal.
      • Dentists advise removing tooth as a last resort.
      • Root Canal Treatment should be performed quickly to avoid bacteria from traveling down the canal to the root and into jaw bone.