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Services - Zircornia Dental Crowns

As part of our commitment to bring you the best in dental services, we would like to introduce you the top of the line way to do crowns, Zircornia Dental Crowns. The system is based on the machining of presintered Zirconia, which, due to its outstanding mechanical properties, its biocompatibility, and its excellent esthetics in combination with a specially designed veneer ceramic, is the ideal candidate for these applications. Some of the advantages of this system are:

.......1) Excellent esthetics and translucency.
.......2) Outstanding marginal fit.
.......3) Superior strength of Zirconia with high fracture resistance.
.......4) 8 shades of Zirconia framework.
.......5) Ideal for 6-unit or less bridge applications.



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