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Services - Ozone Therapy

Oxygen/Ozone, when introduced into the living system, creates what is called a "transient oxidative burst". The infective microorganisms have no natural defense against the reaction, and, as a result, are overstressed and die. Thus, Oxygen/Ozone disinfects the area treated, both safely and effectively.

This "oxidative burst" also includes a multitude of natural biochemical and physiological reactions. These reactions include better blood flow, enhanced immune response, and a more rapid healing response.

With proper application, oxygen/ozone can enhance the outcome in all aspects of dentistry. For example, periodontal disease is a chronic gum and bone infection. By utilizing the different application forms of oxygen/oxygen such as ozonated water, ozonated oils, and placing oxygen/ozone directly into the infected gum pockets, periodontal disease can be arrested without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and associated side effects.




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